ThatCoffee is a conceptual coffee shop located in Ubud, Bali that also sells its own coffee brand. They pride themselves on their unique approach to roasting and their dedication to providing a healthy, ethical and delicious cup of coffee.


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ThatCoffee main Logo as a cover for the full page


The challenge in creating a brand identity for a coffee brand is differentiating the brand from its competitors. The coffee industry is highly saturated with many established and well-known brands, making it difficult for a new coffee brand to stand out and establish itself in the market. Additionally, consumers often have strong brand loyalty when it comes to coffee, making it difficult to attract and retain customers.

ThatCoffee Business card is seen in a tray with a coffee cup as a background

Back side of the business card


Creating a brand identity that showcases the coffee shop’s unique position and goal in being an established brand that works with local farmers and brands to only sell and provides  the best, most sustainable and delicious cup of coffee to its consumers while providing an atmosphere that is laid back, relaxed and welcoming to its visitors.

ThatCoffee social media post, Instagram post templates and Instagram story templates

Instagram posts and stories


Using a wordmark is a simple and effective way to make a business name stand out. It makes it easy for customers to remember and recognize the brand.

Choosing vibrant colors to create a hip, modern and yet homey vibe. Bright, bold colors can help a brand stand out and grab the attention of potential customers.

Incorporating a lot of textures to give the brand an earthy and organic feel. Textures add depth and interest to a brand and can help to convey a sense of nature and quality.

Using paper-based packaging for sustainability and to show the brand’s commitment to the environment. Not only is paper-based packaging more sustainable than plastic, but it also has a more of a natural and organic feel, which can help to reinforce the brand’s earthy and organic aesthetic.

ThatCoffee packaging beg with a green stripe on the side with the logo on it and the word cappuccino written on it

Coffee pouch

ThatCoffee billboard with the brand logo and website domain on it with an image of a cup of coffee

Billboard, poster

ThatCoffee tote bag with the text: Life is short, stay awake for it

Tote bag

ThatCoffee logo in a emboss/ engraved effect on a textured background

Logo on surface

ThatCoffe menu


ThatCoffee brand guidelines showing the colors, main logo and the importance of text hierarchy

Brand guidelines 


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