Careamic is a conceptual luxury ceramics brand that specializes in creating beautifully crafted, high-quality pieces for discerning customers. Founded by a group of talented ceramicists, Careamic’s products are made using traditional techniques and the finest materials, ensuring that each piece is of the highest quality. The brand offers a wide range of products, including dinnerware, vases, planters, and decorative objects.


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Brand Guidelines


How can Careamic create a brand identity that accurately reflects the brand’s values (including sustainability and ethical practices), personality, and craftsmanship, while also conveying a sense of exclusivity and prestige to its target audience of discerning, design-focused customers, and standing out in a crowded market? 

Print-based branding material (flyer, business card, thank you letter, product images)


The brand’s visual identity should convey the attention to detail and quality of Careamic’s products and be consistent across all touchpoints to create a cohesive and memorable brand experience for customers.

Logo variations 


To effectively convey Careamic’s experience and expertise in the field of ceramics, a serif typeface was chosen for the brand’s logo and marketing materials. The use of a serif typeface is traditionally associated with sophistication and timelessness, making it an ideal choice for a premium, luxury brand such as Careamic.

To create a premium and organic feel for the brand, a neutral color palette was implemented, comprising shades of white, cream, and grey. These colors are calming and refined, and they allow the focus to remain on Careamic’s products.

To showcase the purity and craftsmanship of Careamic’s products, a lily was selected as the brand’s logo mark. The lily is a symbol of innocence and purity, and its delicate, intricate petals accurately reflect Careamic’s attention to detail and quality.


Business card

Main logo in brand colors

Logo mark

Horizontal flyer

Secondary logo

Instagram post template

Main logo with tagline


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